So I haven't uploaded art in a while, even if I've drawn it. Of course, some people have been privvy to seeing it, just 'cause I've showed them and then got lazy lol. So here's an art dump. Enjoy~

Naw, ignore how messed up Spidey's outfit is...and just concentrate on the cuteness that is Mary Jane and Peter Parker :P

Mara and Ben!! [ profile] niicoly requested this and it made me sadface when I drew it, but pffft so cute. LOOK AT THAT BABY'S X-WING TOY.

Alice and Jasper! I'm really not fond of this 'cause I think Jasper's face is too wide. But his hair was fun :P

I love drawing babies :( Kira and the kids.

Eeee Kaelyn on some monkey bars. Kowakian monkey bars? IDK. I want her shirt.
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