I promised this mix ages ago and I'm finally done and finally uploading and finally giving it to you. Get ready for some rambling poetics about my region under the cut :P

As a definite geographic location within the United States, "Dixie" is usually defined as the 11 Southern states that seceded to form the Confederate States of America. They are (in order of secession): South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee. This definition is strongly correlated with history and, in the minds of many Southerners, remains the traditional South.

I stepped out on my porch this morning and breathed in the first hints of a muggy, rainy morning. It was only about sixty degrees (cold for the summer here) and though the man-made world was silent, the world as Mother Nature intended it was alive. Cicadas started their daily symphony early, starting as the sun rose, taking up where the nightly crickets left off.

I could hear the buzz of wasps making their nests above my head, I could breathe in and taste the distinct flavor of night rain. A dwindling cigarette between my fingers, I leaned over the balcony rails and watched birds flutter in the tree below me.

The South is my home, even if I don't agree with everything that goes on down here. I like the friendly waves between strangers. I like watching old men on bicycles peddle toward the river with a tackle box and a fishing pole. I love the accents...ranging from deep to soft. I love finding myself twanging certain words.

I love this peaceful, easy feeling. There's none of the rush of big cities here. We take our time to enjoy things as simple as a rocking chair and a glass of iced tea. It's not laziness...it's the feeling of knowing if we move too fast in 115 degree weather, we might all die. :P

We are the Southern United States...and we have a bad rep but spend one summer with me, and I promise I'll make it worthwhile. It's home.

music is in no particular order...just however my iTunes decided to shuffle.

papa died smiling
wide as the ring of a bell
gone all star white
small as a wish in a well
and sodom, south georgia
woke like a tree full of bees


papa died sunday and i understood
all dead white boys say, "god is good"

sodom, south georgia // iron & wine

{sometimes it's the feel of the songs that fit more than the lyrics...though in this case, this song is about a southern town. or...stuff that happens in said southern town. even though it's christmastime in the song. WHATEVER. IT'S A PRETTY SONG. GOSH.}

i love beach music
'cause i was born with it in my bones
i learned to shag on the beach, with the salt in the air, and the sand at my feet

i love beach music // the embers

{let me explain something to all y'all non-southerners. "shagging" here is referring to the dance...specifically the carolina shag, which is south carolina's state dance. y'all can see it here.}

well i don't know what i've been told
you never slow down, you never grow old
i'm tired of screwing up, i'm tired of goin' down
i'm tired of myself, i'm tired of this town
oh my my, oh hell yes
honey put on that party dress
buy me a drink, sing me a song
take me as i come 'cause i can't stay long

last dance with mary jane
one more time to kill the pain
i feel summer creepin' in and i'm
tired of this town again

mary jane's last dance // tom petty & the heartbreakers

{i can't say no to this song. and even though i love it here...sometimes you just need to get away from the town you're in...even if you just go down to the coast or even twenty minutes away to the south congaree swamps to play with your dog}

big wheels keep on turning
carry me home to see my kin
singin sonds about the southland
i miss alabamy once again
and i think its a sin, yes

well i heard mister young sing about her
well, i heard ole neil put her down
well, i hope neil young will remember
a southern man don't need him around anyhow

sweet home alabama // lynyrd skynyrd

{no soundtrack for the south is complete without this. it's a southern anthem. good lord, have you ever seen a bar full of people sing this song? i have. it's chilling. everyone gets so into it. it's awesome. same thing happens with 'god bless the usa'}

i like the way your sparkling earrings lay,
against your skin, it's so brown
and i wanna sleep with you in the desert tonight
with a billion stars all around

'cause i've got a peaceful easy feeling
and i know you won't let me down
'cause i'm already standing on the ground

peaceful, easy feeling - the eagles

{*hums* peaceful, easy feelings are what we aim for here.}

because i've been down to dixie,
and dropped acid on my tongue
tripped upon the land
until enough was enough

i was a little bit lighter
and adventure on my sleeve
i was a little drunk
and looking for company

acid tongue // jenny lewis & the watson twins

{i'm also a sucker for jenny lewis, so this has to go on here. i was going to put carpetbaggers but every time i play that song, i see my mother's >( face. woman can rant about carpetbaggers for hooours. so can i. i won't do this here, i promise.

disclaimer: i have never dropped acid on my tongue here in dixie.}

i've had this dream from a tender age
callin' my name on the opry stage
i can hear it sing loud and clear
200 miles and i'll be there

i've been livin' on the wrong side of memphis
i'm really breakin' away this time
a full tank of gas and a '69 tempest
takin' me to that nashville sign

wrong side of memphis // trisha yearwood

{good god, this woman. this song. i have been belting out this song for years, even though i can't sing. it's so powerful and it's just...a perfect driving song. windows down, wind in your face...foot hanging out the window (yes i do this). mmmf. i'm really breakin' away this time.}

sweeter than candy
hotter than heat
more precious than diamonds,
girl you can't be beat!

california girls are sexy
and new york girls are too
but carolina girls got good looks
and sweet personalities too

carolina girls // chairman of the board

{*shrugs* what can i say? carolina girls are awesome.}

blame it all on my roots
i showed up in boots
and ruined your black tie affair
the last one to know
the last one to show
i was the last one you thought you'd see there
and i saw the surprise
and the fear in his eyes
when i took his glass of champagne
and i toasted you
said, 'honey, we may be through,
but you'll never hear me complain'

'cause i got friends in low places
where the whiskey drowns
and the beer chases my blues away
and i'll be okay
i'm not big on social graces
think i'll slip on down the oasis
oh, i've got friends in low places

friends in low places // garth brooks

{this song is a country bar anthem here in sc. it's one of those songs that everyone gets up and sings and dances and generally gets drunker to. i feel like i'm more of the pearls and big hats type of southern girl (lol i have pictures you will never see) but i do love this song and would love to find myself in some sketchy little dive with my friends.

i need to go to texas for serious.}

there are stars
in the southern sky
southward as you go
there is moonlight
and moss in the trees
down the seven bridges road


there are stars in the southern sky
and if ever you decide
you should go
there is a time of time sweetened honey
down the seven bridges road

seven bridges road // the eagles

{this is one of those songs i will always equate to home. i don't know why...but it makes me calm, it makes me happy. i love this song because i love to lay in the grass and stare up at the stars. i've lived and been to places where the city is so bright it blocks out the night sky. i think there's something very sad about that.

here, we take blankets and our drinks and cigarettes and lay out in the grass at night, and fall asleep. i'm allergic to grass and i always manage to roll over face first into it though...so we don't do it often :P}

the sun rises in carolina
and sets in tennessee
the ladies down south are special, singlehandedly

with their slow way of walkin'
sweet way of talkin'
put you in a spell and you can't break free

southern belles
oh my heart's on fire, for those southern belles
filled with desire, for those southern belles

southern belles // ??

{i have no idea who sings this song. :( but it's another one of those...'feed the ego of the southern girl' songs. we like to hear about ourselves. we just won't ever tell you that to your face. we'll smile pretty and thank you politely.}

well she was an american girl
raised on promises
she couldn't help thinkin' that there
was a little more to life
somewhere else


oh yeah, all right
take it easy baby
make it last all night
she was an american girl

american girl // tom petty & the heartbreakers

{i know that this song isn't blatantly about southern girls...but tom petty is always associated with the south to me (idk why though, he's from...gainesville, florida. NOT SOUTHERN) and this is just one of those songs that makes me think of getting on the road and going somewhere...again, not somewhere super far away (though i do want to run away to california and scotland. AT THE SAME TIME) but...just somewhere different.

there's so much to see here in this region it's not even funny.}

all songs here @ box.net. pick and choose or take all of them.
let me know if you take.

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