The costume tally so far is:

- Tandy Bowen, known as Dagger from Dark X-Men~ (Well, the costume is)
- Karla Sofen, as Ms. Marvel from Dark Avengers
- Iris, Goddess of Rainbows~
- maaaaybe Mara Jade
- Emma Frost, Hellfire Club days

I'll probably add like fifty more before the year is over :|

IDK what's going on with these poses. All I know is that's the only model body I had saved to my computer. Okay so the plan is to get a white leotard and white fabric to make the scarf and red bits for the boots and dye it all the same red so I don't have to freak about matching reds. And then sew the black bits on, get black gloves, and either sew the star on or sticky it on. XD

I completely erased her legs this time and started over lol. Okay this one needs a white jump suit, me to cut out the cross shape WHILE WEARING IT so I'm not like "HALLO THAR BOOBS"...figure out the fingerless blue glove things. That should be easy. And sticky the X on. Also, white facepaint for her eye-glowing stuff.

I need my hair to grow out for srs. I don't want to get wigs for these long haired bitches. :| ALSO I NEED A CLOAK. SOMEONE WEAR A FUCKING CLOAK AND BE MY TRANSDIMENSIONAL BOYFRIEND.
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