Also, I just spent an hour reading my "Cati" tag on my LJ. o_o Jesus Christ, I was a hyperactive angst bucket a mere three years ago. :|

So on the whole, life is okay right now. I'm super fucking lonely all the time, which sucks, but I'm healing, I'm going to have a job to come back to, they WANT me back, I have amazing friends and people I know I can count on. I am in a wedding soon, I'm so excited about that. I have 25234325423 comics to read and I love doing so. I sit around all day or sleep all day. It's not that crappy of a life.

But then there are other things that...really weigh me down. We're being sued by our former landlady, which is absolute bullshit and I'm hoping the case falls flat on her face but seriously? We're being sued. We don't have any money. What the hell more can she take from us? It just makes me so angry and as Cati told me earlier "she can't sue you if you kill her" and the stupid thing is, I wish I could at the very least punch her in her mouth. And the lonely thing, that's getting to me a lot more each day.

And my knee hurts. But I'm supposed to enroll in ~*gyrotonics*~ to realign everything according to Caitlin's mom...but that'll cost money :/

I know I need to focus on the good things. I keep telling myself this. It's my mantra. Good things, good things, good things. But it never really works out completely. Something is always testing me...and if struggles make you stronger, then I think I'm damn strong enough. The world can stop shitting on me aaaanytime now. It's time for like...that bag of money to fall into my lap so I can pay these debts and do the things I want.

I'm going to go get some sleep. I have PT in the morning and I need to shower before I go. I just needed to ramble.
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