So tomorrow I am going to Buffalo Wild Wings and Red Robin to try and get a waitressing job at one of those places. I have never been a waitress before, so that'll be interesting. I finally don't look horribly ill, but I'm packing up stuff today (which will turn into Kyle packing everything the night before and flailing) for the move we have to do...this week :P

I'm gonna apply for John Crichton at Amat next week, which is kinda nerve-wracking lol.

Also, I swallowed a pill wrong and now it feels like it's stuck in my throat and cutting off all ability to breathe. I DO NOT LIKE.

I think everyone should go to [ profile] collapsingnight, pick a banner or an icon, and then giving me a pairing from any fandom (okay any fandom you think I know :P) and I'll write you a drabble of some sort. It'll be a good unwinding thing for when I'm not packing :P

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She frowns at her hair in the mirror, her fingers curling through it and she thinks it's stupid to hold on to this tradition, to keep her hair long like her father always wanted it. Like her aunts did. She used to cut it off all the time, after all. Her own little rebellion.

But now there was no family to rebel against, and no reason to keep her hair long, to not cut it all off like she did when she was a child. Tears blurred Leia's vision as she reached for the scissors on the sink. Scissors Han used to trim his hair when it threatened to get in his eyes.

She pressed the open blades against a chunk of hair and --

"Woah, hey." Han's voice rumbled through her as he stepped up to her, his chest against her back. His fingers gently unwound hers from the scissors, and he set them high on a shelf -- where she'd never reach. "What's that all about?"

She turned to him and pressed her face into his chest, sniffling and unable to keep from crying. His fingers stroked through her hair and she stayed there until she settled.

"A lapse in judgment," She whispered, voice cracking. He held her tighter. And that was that.

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Feel free to make it any rating you want. *waggly eyebrows*

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lmao I was just looking at OLD sims 2 pictures of the mark/sarah, mimi/roger, kyle/adam college house.

I am so excited to write this :P

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Sometimes Adam thinks Kyle would have been better off in the 1950s. There's the way she always wants to bake a cake, and the way she would be absolutely content in just living at home while Adam worked (though, she does admit now, that she would miss everyone at TFY, and that if and when they have children, she's gonna just have to bring them to work with her!).

And the way she dresses. She's tall already, but she's fond of kitten heels. She could just wear pants but she likes skirts and stockings with garters. And honestly, he reminds himself as he watches her get dressed this morning, so does he.

Kyle's already wearing a black, gauzy skirt and a checkered blouse that makes her look like she should be dating Don Draper or something, and her tallest of heels. She told him she's got to do costuming on the basketball players they cast recently, and she hates standing on tiptoe.

And then there's the stockings...she's rolling them up her legs to fasten the silky garters to them. As a teenager, Adam always thought garters were silly. Cumbersome. As an adult, he hasn't found something he's loved more.

Adam is a controlled man, and he tries not to let emotions get a hold of him. It's why he works so well with Kyle, because he can see clearly when all she does is emote. But right now, there's something bigger taking hold of him and he crosses the room in long, quick strides, to pull her up against him, and kiss her.

His hands stay on her arms for a moment, before going to her hips, because as much as he wants to plunge his fingers into her long, blond hair, it's pinned back and slightly curled (completing that damn 1950s housewife look) and he knows she'd be completely okay with murdering him if he messed it up.

She laughs and swipes at his lips to remove the vestiges of her red lipstick. "What's that about, sweetheart?"

She's taller than him in those heels, but he doesn't care. He laughs with her and sets her back down in her chair, to continue her work on her stockings. "Just a lucky man is all."

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I love you. Forever.

... I need to open up the Inn to OCs. Because I kinda want to play Adam.


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