gottafindsometime: peter/mj ([doctor who] blink and you die)
( Sep. 4th, 2007 07:46 am)
Jesus Christ. D*C was insane. I am so sick now. D:

BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT. 'CAUSE OMGLAKJGLAKJDALGA. I have pictures and stuff, and things to re-cap and Milliways plots to put forth (MPREG MUFFINS PLZZZZ) but now I have to go brush my hair and go to work.

Yes. Work. After I just said I'm SO SICK. My mom is a meanie. Maybe I'll cough on a kid and DISEASE THEM with Con Crud.

I am sooooooooo glad I went this year. I miss Cati and Jenny and Sarah and Linh and Heather and Jason (not Jacen dammit fingers) and Emily and and and...that's all the people I really hung out with, right? XD Jason's sister too.



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