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( Dec. 22nd, 2007 04:06 pm)
I just slept thirteen hours.

I haven't really eaten in...forty-eight.

I feel like SHIT.

But I love New York City and I miss it already D:
Happy Birthday, Jenny!

So you rock, and you should know this. It's your twenty-second and you're REALLY OLD now! ...I LOVE YOU, don't hurt me. XD I lose at being able to buy you a gift, but I drew this for you and I hope you like it. Bond and Sarah and Valerie are looking at something randomly above their heads...and I have no idea what. PRETEND IT'S A REALLY INTERESTING BIRD.

happy birthday to youuuuu (er...big image. my bad) )

And now...another picture!

meet the awesome-team! kiddies under cut. )
Room of Doom: Six. [ profile] djcati, [ profile] chlorrel, [ profile] pirate_lass, [ profile] sarisa, Elizabeth, and myself.
Pictures: 120
Poptarts eaten: Too many.
Was it worth it?: Oh good God, yes.

All pictures are on Flickr. Poke around :P

torchwood: above the breasts labeled 'police' and 'government' )


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