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( Nov. 19th, 2008 08:00 am)
I think I need to make a political blog for this sort of thing.

That said:

Mike Huckabee: Gays Haven't Had Enough Violence Toward Them For Civil Rights.

lol what? Okay, I linked to the [ profile] ontd_political just for the awesometastic comments of everyone with macros and saying 'wtf is this' over and over again. Guys, I like my politics with a side of serious snarkitude. But in all seriousness: what??

We should wait until there is MORE crime to get civil rights? Where is the logic in that? Now, I know this is Mike Huckabee and he's a bit stupid, but still. The guy goes on The View and says this shit and it makes me see a little red. But MORE violence? Because apparently the gay hate crimes aren't violent enough for him? People are tortured, beaten, left to die tied to fences, dragged behind cars, shot, convicted of crimes they didn't commit...I know people are tired of the allusions to the Civil Rights Movement for African Americans,'s getting to that point.

What do we want? Riots? There have been riots. Protests? Yep. Do we need a few well-versed people speaking out? Probably, but hell, why can't the people speak out?

And one more thing: I am sick of hearing people say why aren't they over it? What. WHY AM I NOT OVER THIS? Because I cannot marry whoever I want is why! And the people who say "well, the ruling was made, we just have to live by it now"...WHAT??? The ruling was made before in California. You should have just lived by it. I'm so sick of all of this pro-religious "redefining marriage" bullshit. Marriage is ridiculous. Barring my Dad's mom and dad, not one person in my family (aunts/uncles/parents/grandparents) has had a successful marriage. Grandmother, divorced, remarried. Grandfather? Same. Mom, divorced; Dad, divorced, remarrying (ugh); Aunt, divorcing; Aunt, divorced, remarried; Uncle, married once...widower because his wife lied about having AIDS.

Oh yeah. Really good job, heterosexual marriage. :|

I'm not going to be over it until I get the rights I want. Hell, I might marry a boy, and that's fine with me~ I like boys. But if I wanted to get married to a girl, I should be able to do that, dammit. I like girls too! I have two full active girl crushes/I might be in love with one but lol I'll never bring THAT up again. And I'm not just fighting for me...I'm fighting for the people who actively want to get married. I'm fighting for the people are too scared (or apathetic, I'm going to glare at Todd and Morgan forever) to fight.

And I hate to say this but, America had lost all respect from me a few years ago. I had nothing I liked about this country as a whole. I mean yeah, NYC is really cool and I don't mind the South too much as long as no one talked to me. But that's not the mindset of someone who lives here. Or it shouldn't be. But the election of Barack Obama gave me hope for this country.

This stuff? Beat me back down to hating it again. I still have hope. I always have hope that things will get better. But I'm sorely disappointed.

Eh, I'm done now. :P

Beyonce considers gender roles in "If I Were A Boy" was a good read...because I hate that song >(


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