I promised this mix ages ago and I'm finally done and finally uploading and finally giving it to you. Get ready for some rambling poetics about my region under the cut :P

a southern summer )
Media completely and utterly desecrated that flag. "The Confederate flag once represented a people. Now it represents something so much different. Slavery was the South's, America's original sin. Through equality and diversity, the South is repenting for that sin," wrote Hannah Anderson in her article about southern stereotypes (Stereotypes 1). Anyone who hangs a confederate flag anywhere is considered one of three things. Either they don't know that the Civil War has long been over (yet another stereotype that hasn't been gone over), they have a complete and total hatred against northerners, or they are rednecks.

- Alyssa Evans for the Associated Content

Alright, first of all, thanks for all the responses. F-list, you are still welcome to fill out that questionnaire if you'd liiike~ but I also have another one, haha. ALSO THESE ARE NOT LIMITED TO THOSE IN THE UNITED STATES. I WANT WORLD WIDE VIEWS :P

This one deals with manners, pleasantries and word use and culture. :)

there are stars in the southern sky )
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( Jan. 15th, 2009 06:01 pm)
Today I told [livejournal.com profile] sushi_kitten that I was going to write a book, and truth is, I've been set on writing this for a while. I don't expect it to be very long...yet...I do have ideas of it going hand in hand with my Senior Seminar. XD

Anyway, I need your help, oh Friend's List and other places I'm sure to drag people in from!

I need to know what your view of the Southern United States is. I want honesty in your answers to these questions. The comments are screened, but I do want to know who said them. No worries, I'm not gonna get mad (well unless you're really mean waaanh) and your names/your words/blahblah aren't being used...I want to see if there is a definitive undercurrent of thoughts.

So without further adieu, under the cut are the questions, PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS.

kyle's all srs bsns about the south these days )

Seriously, answering these would be truly helpful. I plan on making lists and compiling and blahblahblah...and I hope I can use the title I have all picked out. When Did 'Southern Belle' Become a Four Letter Word?. lololol

time to make dinnerrrrr. <3


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